DIRTONU, Inc. offers all manner of client services, ranging from cost estimation to grading logistics to change order dispute resolution and all points in between. In addition to providing mass grading and earthwork consultation, our team can also offer our professional advice about street improvements and land use concerns. Our consultation can also be used to determine accurate cost estimates of various construction expenses to help a constructor or land developer better understand their budget for a specific project. For concerns that appear after a construction has been finished, DIRTONU, Inc. can complete standards of care investigations, process claims, and deliver expert witness testimony when needed.


  • Expert witness testimony in mediation, arbitration and in the court room
  • Case development and complete litigation support and case management
  • Facilitation of equitable settlement agreements
  • Opine on cost of repair, cost to complete, probate cost of future development
  • Opine on historical cost for specific abandonment and termination dates
  • Cover damage assessments and cost analysis
  • Quantity verification and analysis
  • Contract and change order dispute resolution
  • Standard of care for Contractors, Construction Managers and Inspectors
  • Contractor safety procedures and operations